Shuffling the deck

Thursday morning. It’s a birthday for Charlie Manson and Tonya Harding.

The residents of Hull would be especially hard hit by proposed MBTA cuts to commuter ferries.

Matt Stout surveys the field of local politicians who could be heading to a job with the Biden administration and how that could remake the local political scene, from a new mayor to a republican senator from Massachusetts.

This recently spotted online skimmer designed to steal your credit card info looks very genuine. The giveaway, as always, is that it’s asking for information it should, in principle, already have.

Charlie Baker took the middle way with his decision to close restaurants after 9:30 rather than shutting them down altogether. Marc Hurwitz writes that the half-measure still might not be enough to keep the restaurants going, nor enough to stop the spread of the virus.

And when Joe Biden gave his speech last week there was a spectacular drone light show above the stage. It was both technically challenging and logistically complex to execute but it looked amazing. This is the team that pulled it off.

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