A day late and a dollar short

Wednesday. Halfway to Friday. And it’s International Darwin Day. Evolve.

LAFD is buying an electric fire truck. Charge those lines.

Supporters say that Deval Patrickjust needs to get known“. Really? I think it’s a little bit late in the game for introductions, especially if you’re one of the guys that doesn’t have a billion dollars to blow on ads. UPDATE: He dropped out later in the day.

Part of the enjoyment of a football game on TV is the flow of game data. It has to be displayed in a way that informs but doesn’t overload the viewer or distract them from the actual game. And it has to look good. Some networks are better at this than others. ESPN is the worst. CBS is good and Fox is the best, in my opinion. John Teti, writing at The Outsider, examines how Fox changes its look to stay up to date.

The coronavirus cruise ship looks like a petri dish experiment. A single infected person came on board. Now, 175, more than a third of the passengers, are infected. And even though the confirmed cases are quarantined, new infections are still popping up – 40 as of this week.

The Globe has a small mention of a “malware attack” that brought down a network at Children’s Hospital. Sounds like a ransomware incident. The affected system is associated with a regional group of pediatricians and is not the primary network at the hospital. It’s still down as of this morning.

And Andrew Yang is out. So I guess this means that Norm MacDonald’s endorsement is up for grabs.

Correlation is not causation

A cool drizzly Tuesday. Happy 86th birthday to Tina Louise who, along with Dawn Wells, is still kicking.

It hasn’t snowed much in New England this year but it’s snowing in Bagdad.

According to public health researchers arguing against expanding the number of food stores that can sell alcohol in Massachusetts, each additional liquor store increases the violent crime rate in a neighborhood by 4.8 percent. They cite crime in Baltimore as an example of what could happen here with more stores selling beer. I don’t buy it.

The T-Mobile/Sprint deal is done.

Some apps offer valuable features for free. Makes you wonder how they make their money.

And if you order an ‘Ove’ Glove through Amazon, you just might get burned.

Coming and going

It’s Sunday, 02/02-2020, a rare palindromic day.

Punxsutawney Phil says it will be an early spring. But we already knew that.

Television viewing habits have changed over the years. Streaming has replaced broadcast TV for most people. But as far as ad pricing goes, today’s Superbowl is still overwhelmingly a broadcast event. As for the game itself? Gronk predicts a zero to zero tie score going into overtime.

Stephen King is quitting Facebook. Good for him.

Here’s an example of operant conditioning developed by the Mumbai Traffic Police. It’s unclear how effective it is for reducing noise but I’m guessing it would wreak havoc on any signal coordination system.

And if Jeff Bezos, the head of one of the largest tech companies on the planet, can get his phone hacked, so can you. Here are some basic tips for prevention.

We have met the enemy

Friday. It’s my favorite day of the week. And spring is coming.

Strong and beautiful? Not so much. More like Swiss cheese.

Josephine Wolff is right. Local governments should be working hard to minimize internal vulnerabilities to avoid ransomware attacks, not spinning their wheels on confronting international threats they can’t do anything about.

The two people being tested for coronavirus in New Hampshire have come back with negative results.

Home prices in Massachusetts jumped 33% last year, according to Homesnap. That’s more than double any other state. Some of the increase is attributed to lack of inventory. Quite a seller’s market. But very tough for young people just getting started.

And some of us are old enough to remember this historic day.

Scientific espionage

Wednesday. Hump day. And a good day to stay inside and work on a puzzle.

Apple had a good quarter.

China has been aggressive in targeting academics lately. In December a Beth Israel researcher was arrested for attempting to smuggle stolen research material into China. And this week a Harvard chemistry and biology chair with a distinguished record was led off in handcuffs for lying about his work with China. That’s not something that happens every day.

A state rep is pushing to streamline access to medical marijuana for veterans.

Another revelation about Ring and privacy. Why would your doorbell need to access Facebook? Or visa versa?

And a man named Boston doubled down on his commitment to getting high.