An artificial heart

It’s Thursday, National Nothing Day. (Yes, that’s a thing.)

Deleted tweets, recriminations and retractions. A political firestorm is brewing in New York over a toasted bagel.

iHeart Radio owns a bunch of stations around the country, including local news institution WBZ 1030. The Texas based-chain has decided to focus on technology and artificial intelligence and so they’ve begun laying off the humans. In Boston, Jon Keller, Deb Lawler, Bradley Jay and Tom Cuddy received pink slips.

Keep your eyes out for Elvis if you ride the Fitchburg commuter rail.

The Chief Justice wanted to know if saying ‘OK Boomer‘ was actionable. Now Vice News has declared the meme officially dead.

And speaking of boomers, fashionable new hearing aid technology is arriving just in time for us and our Led Zeppelin-battered eardrums.

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