You can’t manage what you don’t measure

Today is Super Tuesday. Vote early.

The verdict is in. Wendys‘ new breakfast sandwiches live up to the hype.

Coronavirus testing is ramping up in the US. A million tests may happen in next week. That’s good. It will give us a baseline for where we are. Symptoms look a lot like a cold or the flu. Pope Francis has tested negative. He had a cold. New England is seeing a slow uptick in cases but most can be connected to foreign travel. Helen Branswell looks at the numbers from China, which seem to be moving in the right direction, although some commenters doubt that the numbers provided by the Chinese government are accurate.

Don Aucoin provides inside baseball on why Plaza Suite‘s sold out run in Boston wasn’t reviewed. And the Times looks at another play that’s in ‘preview’ mode.

ProPublica notes that the software used in many parts of the country to help direct people to the polls and to provide election results is antiquated and vulnerable to hacking. Barnstable is called out. It looks now like it’s basically a two-person race for Democratic nomination. Politico distills the differences between the Sanders and Biden camps.

And if your local Rexall is out of hand sanitizer, it’s really pretty easy to make your own.

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