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Happy Easter. How’s your keaster?

Food and Wine Magazine found the best 50 chocolate makers in the US. It sounds like a lot of dreary research went into putting the list together. Anyway, 4 of the best are here in Massachusetts: Goodnow Farms in Sudbury, EH Chocolatier in Cambridge, Taza in Somerville and Chequessett on the Cape.

One of the things Amtrak included in its plans for expansion under the infrastructure bill is to extend Downeaster train service to Rockland Maine, something that hasn’t been in place since 1959. It would be a nice ride up from Boston.

Facebook was hacked. Lots of personal information was compromised. (Check your email or password to see if it’s out there.)

It’s time to take St. Matthew Passion off the playlist. Michael Brodeur offers some alternatives for spring listening.

And a pioneering woman mariner from Egypt is making the best of an unfortunate case of mistaken identity. Just make sure you spell her name right.

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