You break it, you own it

A spooky Sunday.

David Leonhardt has been tracking covid numbers and he says that although we may not yet be out of the woods, we’re definitely heading for a clearing. Jon Kamp and Brianna Abbott are seeing the same thing.

Daniel Nichanian, writing for New York magazine, explores the potential changes for public safety that a crop of new progressive mayors, including Michelle Wu, could bring in after the election. But other candidates in other cities are moving in another direction on crime. Meanwhile in St. Louis…

People travel as far as Iceland and Norway to see the northern lights. But thanks to increasing solar flares this week you may be able to see them in northern New England. That’s great. Here’s a forecast tool. The bad news is that the solar activity could trigger geomagnetic changes that could disrupt navigation and the power grid.

Following up on that Globe article on who goes where in Boston, hip, young travel site Thrillist wants its hip, young readers to go to Jamaica Plain, SoWa, Fenway, the Seaport, Somerville and Cambridge. Nothing recommended in Dorchester, Mattapan or Roxbury. Lonely Planet is just as bad.

And Neil Young has some new music on the way. (Separated at birth: Neil Young and Bill Belichick. It’s uncanny.)

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