Yelling fire in a crowded theater

Today is Sunday. A bright, cool day. And only 221 days left until New Year’s.

This is the week that the US will likely record its 100,000th death.

Data suggests that the badly ad-libbed March 11th Oval Office speech may have been the trigger for much of the outbreak in the US. The inaccurate information broadcast that night caught everyone by surprise and spread panic as people rushed onto flights home from an already infected Europe before the transportation system was ready to handle those crowds safely.

Today we’re watching television and movie productions that were filmed pre-covid. Eventually the shows in the can will run out. Studios are trying to figure out how to get back to work safely before that happens.

The virus may end up making Boston more like Paris. In a good way.

And if you thought flying was tedious in the past, get ready for what’s coming. Christopher Muther fills us in.

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