Writing the playbook from scratch

A rainy Thursday. Spring has sprung. Or at least it will at 11:49 tonight.

Buzz Aldrin knows a thing or two about being in quarantine.

Government and private sector leaders are being tested these days. Governors and mayors are trying to get ahead of the curve while CEOs are working to balance concern for employees with keeping the lights on. Marty Walsh’s prime time speech on the Coronavirus the other night was one of his best. Mike Pence continues to offer guidance and reassurance to the country. I previously mentioned Ohio Governor Mike DeWine who has been proactive. As Arnold Glasow said, “One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency.”

Check out this amazing drone video of an empty midweek afternoon in Boston. Eerie.

Unemployment rolls are growing quickly. In some places you can’t get through to file a claim. (Note: Star Market is hiring.)

Police in Kerala, India, released a hand-washing instruction video… Bollywood style. In the US, departments are being very careful. NYPD and LAPD officers have already tested positive. In Baltimore, hospital beds needed for coronavirus patients are being used for shooting victims.

And all of the stock market gains made since Trump took office have disappeared. Just miraculously gone away.

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