Staying within the lines

Saturday. Not a great day out there.

How to survive from a venomous snakebite? It’s not quite the way they show it in the movies.

In an Ideas piece, David Scharfenberg uses cellphone GPS data to tell the story of how people move around in the city according to race. At least that was the claim in the headline and the opening. Unfortunately the actual article is mostly just anecdotes and formulaic conclusions.

Apple says it lost $6 billion due to chip shortages. And things won’t get better anytime soon. It takes time and billions of dollars to build new chip fabs. Think years, not quarters. Even BREXIT plays into the shortage. Intel was considering a locating a new fab in the UK but since the vote to leave the EU, the deal is off.

In the Washington Post, Joanna Slater writes about Rachael Rollins as a lightening rod with her confirmation now stuck in limbo. Her firebrand reputation proceeded her to Washington but the story of her being a pretty effective local prosecutor didn’t.

And Rick Steves is back on the road. That’s a very good sign.

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