Winter is coming

Happy Tuesday to you. September is upon us.

Primaries today. Vote early so you don’t forget.

The Fours, which opened on Canal Street in 1976, has closed its doors. The Quincy and Norwell locations will continue to be open for now. Many other restaurants that have been surviving by offering outside dining are worried about the coming cold weather and the reduction in business as diners avoid crowded indoor spaces. Heat lamps can only go so far. The focus may return to takeout and delivery. It’s important to support your local establishments if you want them to still be there when this is all over.

There were three overtly political murders in the streets this week. This is not normal.

The teardown crew at Lens Rentals got a chance to dismember a $10k Fuji GFX 100 that was exposed to salt water. Moral of the story: don’t drop your camera in the ocean.

And Apple usually does the reveal of new iPhones early in September. But according to supplier leaks, this year’s announcement may be delayed until as late as October. (Sad trombone sound.)

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