Winnowing the field

Wednesday, March 4th. The day, in 1966, that John Lennon put his foot in his mouth.

Brady for Garoppolo? Works for me.

With Biden’s strong showing we’re definitely down to two now in the race for the Democratic nomination. The stock market is even anticipating a ‘Biden bounce‘ today, although I’d be cautious about that with everything else that’s going on. It doesn’t look good for Warren. And Bloomberg will probably end his campaign, which makes sense. The only reason he was needed in the race was as insurance for moderates that Biden wouldn’t crash out. That youth surge for Sanders didn’t seem to materialize. According to Aaron Blake, only about 1 in 8 voters yesterday was under 30. More than two-thirds were over 45. Old people vote.

John Gruber and Jason Snell raise a good point. Apple may have to cancel WWDC. Having people fly in from around the world to northern California sounds like a very bad idea this year.

Tyler Cowen astutely breaks us down into two groups regarding the coronavirus: “growthers” who, based on data and forecasting, believe we are facing a potential crisis and “base-raters” who draw on common sense and experience and are much less concerned. I know I’m concerned.

And there are a wealth of options for good Vietnamese food in Boston. Although the restaurants in Allston and Cambridge might be fancier, the best food is in Dorchester.

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