Window of opportunity

Tuesday. Another hot humid day with temps in the 90’s.

Phoenix reached 115 in July and now they’ve broken the record for the most days of 110-plus temps in a year. But it’s a dry heat.

Massachusetts is in pretty good shape, Covid-wise. Infection rates are low, so much so that some parents are pushing back about keeping schools closed. But, as Helen Branswell warns us, winter is coming and if we let our guard down between now and then things could get “Dickensianly bleak.”

Jerry Taylor has some advice for Democratic strategists.

Swarms of small earthquakes happening at the southern end of the San Andres fault don’t always mean something big is coming, but each time it happens seismologists worry that this could be the time.

Wine windows are making a comeback in Italy. Designed for low-contact commerce in the time of the plague, they’re being reopened for serving lattes, gelato and, of course wine, in the time of coronavirus.

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