Wicked supa spreda

It’s a chill Wednesday. A cold front came through overnight.

Would you let Elon Musk into your brain? Thanks, but no thanks.

The Globe reports that a July bachelorette party in RI, attended by people from MA, is responsible for a coronavirus cluster in the region. And that Biogen conference back in February? That one is now credited with 20,000 cases.

Interesting numbers from Gallup on how people of different races feel about a police presence in their neighborhoods. When it comes to police/citizen interactions, the survey found that it’s the quality and respectfulness of those interactions that makes the difference in community support. But police in Boston already knew that.

The National Enquirer has a reputation problem. There’s some karma for you.

And as I was thinking about the coming new year, Dave Barry’s annual ‘Year in Review‘ column came to mind. 2020 will not yield easily to satire but Barry is already hard at work. “It’s always a chore to write, but this year it’s going to be a monster. I have already started drinking.”

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