Where credit is due

Today is Sunday. Jaws was released 46 years ago today.

Google and Apple are beginning to restrict how advertisers track us on the Internet. In response, advertisers are trying to find new ways to track us. Get ready for an arms race.

Following up on yesterday’s rant about the Globe and it’s seeming aversion to crime reporting, the paper did cover two crime related stories today, albeit via police press releases. The first involved an arrest for gun possession and the other a human trafficking case. Nice to see them at least paying attention.

ItalyGate is back in the news. It’s pretty wacky stuff but it made it to the desk of the former president’s Chief of Staff. How does something like that even happen?

When a company gets hit with a ransomware attack, and pays to get its data back, you would assume that they would change their security protocols. Many do, but not always in ways that are effective. In fact, a Cybereason Global Ransomware study indicates that 80% of companies that go through this process get hit a second time. Pretty discouraging.

And I love dogs, probably more than the next guy. Kitt did his job and was a good boy. But this is a bit over the top.

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