When we was fab

Mid-week. It’s Wednesday. Raspberry Bombe Day.

More heat and humidity coming in the next few days. And pretty soon we’ll be complaining about the cold.

Globe headline: “Senate passes Democrats’ $3.5 trillion budget in latest win for Biden.” I’m sure there was partisan bickering going on behind the scenes but this kind of ‘our side wins, ha ha‘ coverage is a big reason why politics is so dysfunctional these days. I would have preferred that the Globe frame it as a win for the country. That might make it easier for the opposition to get on board for the common good.

Michael Shellenberger didn’t leave the progressives. The progressives left him.

The fiftieth anniversary remixed version of George Harrison‘s All Things Must Pass has been released. It was his declaration of independence from The Beatles and it still sounds great. I’ve been listening lately to another Harrison solo album, the Jeff Lynne produced Cloud Nine, released in 1987. This one, I think, is Harrison at his post-Beatles best.

And according to Insurance Journal, younger people are stepping away from the driver’s seat. Insurance, car payments, driver’s ed? Why bother… just call an Uber.

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