Another quiet Sunday morning. It’s a birthday for Jim Croce, Donald Fagan and Ronnie Hawkins.

2020 was the 50th anniversary of the founding of one of the newspapers on Nantucket called Yesterday’s Island. They’re collecting stories of life on the island in 1970. Here’s one that brought back some memories for me.

From the New York Times, writing about the death of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick at the hands of rioters incited by the president: “Mr. Trump has not reached out to Mr. Sicknick’s family, although Vice President Mike Pence called to offer condolences, an aide to Mr. Pence said.” And the flags at the White House are not at half-mast.

Checking in on Fox News this morning I heard very little about the most important events of the last few days like, you know, the deadly attack on America. But there was plenty of talk about the backlash. I heard outrage over shutting down social media accounts and the potential for impeachment. Essentially they were painting President Trump and people on the right as victims of everything that happened this week. Shameful spin.

Car makers are shutting down over a lack of semiconductors. Cars are computers. So it makes sense for Apple to get into the game.

And Brexit trade is getting off to a shaky start. Companies working across the borders are seeing some “grit in the mechanism.”

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