What goes up

Today is Wednesday. It also happens to be Kiss a Ginger Day.

FiveThirtyEight wants to know: what happened to the eviction tsunami? It’s a good question regarding expert predictions, but no one is actually complaining that it hasn’t happened. Yet.

Adam Gaffin has been following the numbers from waste water treatment tests and it appears that they are a good leading indicator of covid cases in the area. The latest results from Deer Island suggests that we have indeed hit peak Omicron and that the numbers of positive tests should start receding. Stay tuned.

TV technology is taking another step forward. Quantum Dot displays are coming. The tech involved is cutting edge. I think they’re going to be very expensive at first but in time they should come down and be within reach.

With murders and firearm assaults up this year, people are wondering, what changed to cause this. Hmmm.

And another day, another asteroid coming to destroy the Earth. These near miss—but not really—stories are starting to become tiresome and highlight just how badly the media covers science.

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