Whack a mole

Sunday, Dec 5th. Today is the anniversary of the end of Prohibition.

Some people will do will do anything to avoid getting a shot.

The first case of Omicron in the US was in a person who was fully vaccinated. Another man who seems to have picked up a case of the variant at a convention in New York (and then spread it to others) was also fully vaccinated—and had a booster shot. So are those of us who got all of our shots and boosters now back to square one? What about reinfections? Well, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that Omicron spreads faster than Covid and is three times more likely to lead to reinfections. The good news is that, according to early data, those infections are less severe. (The guy from the New York convention had symptoms for only two days.) But wait, there’s more (good news)… David Leonhardt has the scoop on some game-changing treatments on the way.

Are decentralized autonomous organizations the key to the future? I have no idea but some folks seem to think they are.

Before Charlie Baker announced he wouldn’t run again for governor, the Massachusetts Republican party was in a superposition of being both anti-Trump and pro-Trump. That waveform is about to collapse.

And life is complicated for people named Alexa. For one thing, they’re expected to know everything.

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