Whack a mole

Twas the day before Christmas.

Gary Sampson had appealed his death sentence in 2017, for a crime that occurred in 2001. The appeal was still pending as of this week when Sampson died in federal custody.

The economy is at a weird place at the end of a weird year. People have cash and demand for goods is still high. With the supply of those goods constrained, prices go up. Econ 101. There are also more jobs than workers, so some many small businesses are in a precarious position. If we hike interest rates to stem inflation, small businesses will take the hit. It looks like a vicious circle.

The Webb telescope launch vehicle has rolled out to the pad and is now waiting on a 7:20 AM launch tomorrow. Hoping for a Christmas miracle.

And Trump’s SPAC is a Chinese company. Imagine that.

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