Wear em if you got em

Monday Monday. March 30th. Happy birthday to Gomez Addams.

How things were in the olden days.

Bruce Mohl notes that Massachusetts is upping its game on coronavirus testing. He also references a South Korean doctor that advises wearing masks to help slow the spread. South Korea had its first case the same day the US did but infections there are generally under control now. Masks, unfortunately, are not readily available in the US today and in any case should be going to healthcare workers first. Then first responders and grocery store workers.

The Financial Times has a comprehensive recap of the global spread and impact of the virus so far. Lots of interesting charts and graphs.

A 44 year-old state rep from Michigan is one of the latest coronavirus fatalities. The Detroit police chief has tested positive and about a quarter of the force is in quarantine.

For people renting, Tom Acitelli has a list of resources for dealing with the impact of the virus. And David Rabinovitz writes about how small businesses are dealing.

Even if you’re stuck at home you should be walking, walking, walking.

And Thomas O’Grady writes about photography as literature, particularly the work of Dublin photographer Fionán O’Connell.

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