We have our own problems

Tuesday. The Ides of March.

Finders keepers. All $10 billion worth.

The headline begins, ‘Brutal.’ ‘Awful.’ ‘Purgatory.’ Is it a story about people living in Kiev as Russian rockets hit the city? No, it’s about people trying to find a reasonably priced apartment in the Boston neighborhood of their choice. File under: Tone deaf. Update: It appears that the Globe has changed the headline.

Robots are the latest hires at White Castle. Flippy, I assume, will be working the grill.

The woman who held a “stop war” sign on a Russian newscast has disappeared after she was charged and detained. Here’s hoping that she somehow got out of the country—but Russia’s history in dealing with dissidents argues against that outcome. Update: She’s been found.

And it’s that time of year again: time for spring cleaningyour brain.

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