Walking a high wire

Monday. One week ends and another begins. It’s Harry Nilsson‘s birthday.

Hong Kong is emptying out.

Being a police chief might be “the most precarious job in America” these days, according to the Times. It’s true. Even in normal circumstances chiefs and commissioners have to balance the sometimes very divergent interests of the public, politicians, rank and file officers and their unions. Not to mention judges, prosecutors, special interest groups and the media. Now amplify that tension. Take it to the top of the dial. It’s certainly not an easy job in these times.

Lindsey Graham has become a big Trump supporter lately. And that’s what makes this ad so effective. And, so weird. Talk about a 180.

The New Yorker checks in with Sonny Rollins, who would like it if we all lived by the golden rule.

And sometimes, what goes around really does come around. Jeff Greenfield writes about “Glass of Watergate.”

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