Virtual fire alarm

Wednesday. We’re over the Hump. Happy birthday to Lon Chaney Jr., Vince Gilligan and Laura Dern.

I’m not a cat,” … said the cat.

Hiawatha Bray takes us through what high school technology staff are dealing with these days. The odd ransomware attack, sure, but with the prevalence of remote learning it also looks like kids are DDoS’ing their own schools just to get out of class.

Police in California are apparently playing copyrighted music from their own phones when being videoed by activists. Instagram and other platforms use aggressive algorithms to remove videos with any copywriter material so the videos would be quickly removed if posted. Disingenuously clever, if true.

Lisa Weidenfeld makes an argument for space savers. It’s not much of an argument, but at least she’s honest about it.

And some BU students are facing a tough career choice this year; law, medicine, biotech or driving a giant peanut across the country?

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