Viral disfunction

Thursday morning. The nuclear age began 75 years ago, today.

This type of story makes the RMV look extra dysfunctional. Screw-ups happen. But there’s nothing worse than getting stuck in an endless loop of bureaucracy when trying to fix a screw-up.

The Twitter hack this week was a big deal. It doesn’t seem that the individual account holders were hacked but that Twitter itself was compromised. This time it was Bitcoin scammers but it’s not hard to imagine some other pretty scary scenarios.

2020 continues to disappoint. No Swan Boats this year. And no Head of the Charles.

The governor of Oklahoma came down with Covid-19. He said he was “pretty shocked.” He is on record as being against wearing masks and he attended the Trump rally in Tulsa three weeks ago where social distancing was discouraged, so there’s that. And this is the same state in which Joe Exotic came in third in the primary race for governor a few years ago and where Kayne West is filing his presidential papers this year, so there’s also that.

And speaking of masks, what the hell is going on in Georgia? The governor is actually prohibiting local rules that mandate the wearing of masks. This makes no sense, especially as major retail chains like Walmart, Kroger, Kohl’s and Sam’s Club are requiring masks for customers. Even neighboring Alabama has a statewide mask mandate.

And don’t forget Utah …We are indeed screwed.

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