Vicarious victimhood

Thursday. It’s an extramundane day.

No Boston Marathon this spring. Maybe in the fall.

If gunfire rings out in a neighborhood with no reporters, does it make a sound? In the Back Bay, shots fired, no one hit and two arrests is a major story.

Helen Branswell says that the date for a vaccine is slipping and that we should reset out expectations.

This could be a news story from our future: With zero cases reported this week, people are now free to move about. “Celebrations ensued. Bookings at low-capacity bars and restaurants quickly filled up for weeks ahead. Businesses popped bottles of champagne as shoppers flocked to stores. Some, including, Kmart, opted to remain open for 24 hours to meet demand, local media reported.” This is happening today in Melbourne, where they locked the city of 5 million down for three months. Meanwhile, in the US, we’re cancelling events 6 months out and testing less to get the numbers down.

And Dan Kennedy is optimistic about the election but not so much for the long term. Astute as ever.

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