Vicarious victimhood

Tuesday. It’s a birthday for Davy Crockett, Robert De Niro and Mae West.

Weekend commuter rail is back. So are the riders. Bruce Mohl reports that Sunday ridership is back to 100% of what it was pre-covid on some lines.

There have been way too many instances of gunfire in the commercial areas of Boston recently. Newbury Street, Albany Street, Downtown Crossing. Too many guns and people stupid enough to use them indiscriminately. It’s only a matter of time before this will lead to a defining tragedy for the city.

Is doxing good or bad? I guess it depends on where you stand on the person getting doxed. Emma Beteul reports on efforts to make the practice illegal.

When it was introduced, the magnetic strip on a credit card was a huge technological leap for commerce. But now its going away. Mastercard gives us a history lesson and a look at the future.

And we’re altering and tweaking the genetic makeup of bugs. What could possibly go wrong.

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