Vaccine glass half full

Wednesday: The hump of the week. Sunny and cold today.

French workers can now eat lunch at their desks without fear of prosecution.

Apparently everyone is unhappy with Governor Baker’s handling of vaccine distribution. It hasn’t been perfect by any stretch of the imagination, and the website was a disaster, but people are getting vaccinated and soon everyone in the state have access to a shot. Not next year or the year after, but in the coming few months. So things aren’t all that bad. In fact, our vaccination rollout here in the US is going better than anywhere else in the world.

What’s going on with the power grid in Texas? Ars Technica and The Times take a look under the hood. On the ground, people are cold and frustrated.

Amazon Web Services is a huge part of what makes the Internet the Internet. That might make it too big to fail but it’s not too big to be made fun of.

And do we really need some of these new emoji? Face in the clouds? What the hell is that for, sending texts in a steam bath?

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