Unintended consequences

This is a Tuesday. Happy birthday to Martin Mull and Dennis Leary.

Two feet is one too many when it comes to surveyors.

The police chiefs most intent on reform tend to gravitate to progressive cities. But lately those cities have turned on their police departments. As a result, some of the best, rising-star chiefs are being pushed out or seeing their budgets cut, undermining reform efforts. Very frustrating.

In the wrong place at the wrong time: How a news photographer, whose job is to construct a visual narrative, ended up being caught up in someone else’s.

In the wake of the coronavirus, MBTA finances are a mess. Despite federal emergency funding, service cuts are on the table. Massachusetts casinos, on the other hand, are keeping the lights on by managing costs with less revenue coming in.

Is Trump going to pardon the Tiger King today? Stay tuned.

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