Turning the page

It’s Thursday already. Almost Friday.

North Korea hacked a hacker and so the hacker hacked back, shutting down the entire country’s Internet.

One thing the old Globe building in Dorchester had was parking. There was a huge lot behind the building. It was needed for all those trucks that transported the bundled papers—hot off the big presses—to newsstands and corner stores around New England. The good old days. Those trucks are no more and Gintautas Dumcius reports that developers want to use the big lot behind what used to be the Globe, and is now ‘The Beat‘, for a 6 story biotech facility.

Bogie and Bacall. Antony and Cleopatra. Jay and Bey. Donald and Lindsay. Margaret Hartmann writes about the strangely persistent relationship between Donald Trump and Lindsay Graham.

It’s government shutdown time again. A February 18th budget deadline looms and another temporary stopgap measure is in the works.

And Facebook is having a Myspace moment. I guess it’s all downhill from here.

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