Turn this car around

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. Best day of the year, so far. Today’s word is politesse.

BU’s class of 2020 held their senior breakfast via a livestream. Students were provided a recipe to prepare themselves at home, roasted tomato and leek tart, potatoes and bacon. Or, alternatively, a couple of Pop Tarts from Store 24. Bon appetit.

Armed protesters storming state houses, mask nazis shaming people, store employees threatened, reckless knuckleheads putting people at risk, partisan battle lines drawn over haircuts. Into all this comes George W. Bush, figuratively standing on a pile of coronavirus rubble with his Twitter megaphone, saying: Stop it America! Behave! Be nice. Bittersweet nostalgia for a president trying to bring us together in trying times.

Writing in STAT, Sharon Begley looks at three possible scenarios for the next couple of years. I don’t like what’s behind any of those doors. Laurie Garrett, aka Cassandra, has an equally pessimistic attitude about the future. And David Wallace-Wells notes that the models we’re using to predict for short term flattening assume that social distancing will hold up. But the data suggests that fatigue is setting in and people are already becoming more active.

And, the new Apple Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro is pretty cool. I received mine last week. Here are some tips and tricks from Mac Rumors to get the best out of it, if you have one.

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