Turn-key hacking

Back in that Monday mood.

There may be new faces in Boston politics but it’s still the most interesting game in town. Meghan Irons brings us up to speed on the Mayoral race.

Hackers are demanding $20 million dollars from Kia after an attack left owners unable to remotely start their cars. That’s pretty bad but it could have been worse if it affected the car while it was moving. Remember those right to repair scare-tactic commercials from last year where they implied that the independent shops would leak critical data to hackers? Turns out that the weak point was the big dealers all along.

A twenty bedroom home in Maine for $5 million or a five bedroom on the Cape for $7 million? Thankfully, these are they kinds of choices I don’t have to worry about making.

People riding their bike over the frozen Charles River is a thing that happens this time of year. Adam Gaffin rounds up the latest episodes. Also on Reddit.

And there’s more chemistry in cooking scrambled eggs than I would have imagined. But according to this article you can skip all the technical details and just add butter and some starch. And a little tabasco. (That last one is from me.)

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