Troubled waters

Thursday. It’s World Philosophy Day and World Toilet Day.

Here we go again. The psychology of empty shelves.

Emily Sweeney provides an interesting story to take our minds off everything else: Is this lighthouse, which falls well within US boundaries, a part of Hull, or any other town? If it isn’t, is it part of Massachusetts? And if it is part of the state, should it be incorporated as it’s own municipality? (Also, whoever is running the website should get a prize for the over-the-top graphics.)

If you visit Google today, don’t swat at the screen.

Reviews are coming in for the iPhone Pro Max camera system. The best one is from the folks that make the camera app Halide. Other reviewers have focused on the size of the phone. How big is it? When I put it on the passenger seat while driving, the seat belt alarm goes off. True story.

And Jonah Goldberg says (in a paywalled article, but you get the gist) that people on the left should read more people on the right and vise versa. That’s certainly sound advice at any time, but these days it could induce psychological whiplash.

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