Trickle down immunity

Today is Wednesday, which, for many people, is also a Friday.

This early, pre-Thanksgiving Christmas light business is definitely happening around where I live. Much more so than in other years. Folks seem to want to fast-forward through the rest of 2020.

How will a vaccine be distributed? The CDC is finalizing its guidance but generally it should go like this: First the 21 million health care workers and nursing homes residents will get it. Then 87 million essential workers and then the 53 million people over 65 and the 100 million people with health conditions. The good news is that even if you aren’t in one of these groups you’ll benefit from others getting it, so it’s a win/win.

These Soviet-era control rooms are mesmerizing. Analog technology at its peak.

Boston University‘s Young Democratic Socialists want free laundry for all students. Opponents warn that tuitions would have to be raised to make that happen.

And this mysterious slab of metal probably just fell off of a passing UFO. I wouldn’t be surprised by anything that happens this year.

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