Tough crowd

Hey, it’s Monday. Slow start today.

The knives are out in the Sheehan family. There’s a lot of money in beer distribution.

I read the now famous Twitter thread over the weekend where John Roderick, now always to be known as bean dad, described his can opener life lesson. It was funny and stupid. But the Internet seems to be un an uproar over it and he’s deleted his Twitter account. I must be missing something.

Gerry and the Pacemakers were the first real famous rock band out of Liverpool, although not the last. Gerry Marsden has died at 78. Paul McCartney weighed in on the loss.

Ashish K. Jha, the dean of the Brown University School of Public Health, wonders why no one is in charge of the US vaccination effort. In Israel, by contrast, vaccinations are going fast and furious.

And, Cam Newton has crossed the bridge and the Patriots season is over.

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