Too much of a good thing

Saturday. The first bar-code scan happened today in 1974. Wrigley’s gum. 67 cents.

The UFO report is out. It’s a head scratcher. You can read it here.

Charlie Baker’s proposed two month tax holiday should be great for consumers and business. But some special interests and Democratic lawmakers don’t like the idea. They think the money should be applied to programs rather than returned to consumers. A classic dynamic. On top of all that, Shira Schoenberg points to experts that are questioning why Baker would do this now when there’s so much other stimulus money going around. It might be good politics, but economically it could hurt more than help.

Flight attendants are the cops of the sky. And they’re getting the same treatment from the public as their counterparts on the ground.

Lawn Starter ranked 200 cities for bike friendliness. Boston came in at number 10. Not bad. The Times excused New York’s poor 19th place ranking based on its climate, “which can get too cold (and icy) for most cyclists for months on end.” Not like Boston, right?

And a new Fox News poll shows… well, they won’t tell you what it shows.

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