To those who wait

Good morning. It’s Thursday. Still January. Still winter.

Brexit is pretty much a done deal now.

Four big new developments coming to Dorchester will increase the housing stock and add office space and retail. Looks like one of the projects will finally develop that small Fields Court neighborhood behind South Bay where residents were holding out for a better price for their homes. Presumably they got what they were asking for.

Because it will blanket the globe with incredibly fast Internet, including places that previously have had little or no access, Starlink is a big deal. Jeffery Paul explains just how big a deal.

I get that some people are suspicious of the police but this piece in The Dig is a bit over the top. A police department website announcing “extra patrols to keep the city safe” is cited as an indication of white nationalism and racist motivations? Not quite sure how the writer got from here to there.

The City Council has announced committee assignments for the year. Some good choices. Bok chairs Ways and Means and Campbell has Public Safety.

And the coronavirus may be as much of an economic threat as it is a health concern.

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