Time for a change

It’s a bright Saturday morning as we begin the second week of the second month of 2020. RIP Mary, Queen of Scots.

Remember Lycos? It’s still around. And it works pretty well. It has a nice modern design now. Not as I remember it.

Also, time was updated this week. That’s time.gov, the website for NIST, with the official United States time. Here’s what it used to look like. So an obvious improvement there too, I’d say.

Tom and Gisele’s Brookline mansion is still on the market. Even with a $5 million dollar price drop it hasn’t moved. Maybe it’s a sign. Of a slowing real estate market.

Using the Cloud to search local files on your hard drive? What could possibly go wrong?

Bloomberg is at number two for the Democratic nomination. It’s not a poll but it is an interesting result given the last week. His spending and organizing are also beginning to turn heads.

And this writer doesn’t like dog parks. But do you know who does like dog parks? Dogs.

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