Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 28, 2019. Temps in the low 40’s, some rain.

The Globe has a story this morning focusing on the results of the audit of RMV operations in the wake of the Zhukovskyy debacle. Apparently significant resources were redirected to customer wait time initiatives.

Speaking of wait times, if you were wondering how long it takes to grow a Christmas tree, the answer seems to be about ten years.

Universal Hub sums up recent gunplay, on Blue Hill Ave, Prentis Street and South Street.

Brexit is looming in the Scottish general election with implications for the future of the UK.

Scots seem to be losing faith in their centuries-old union with England, with one recent survey showing that less than half of those polled said they thought the United Kingdom would survive in its current form for the next five years, and less than a third expressed confidence that it would do so for the next decade.

Former Navy secretary Richard Spencer speaks out in a Washington Post column.

And you can bone up on your impeachment facts for those unavoidable Thanksgiving day political discussions.

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