This car is going up

Another Saturday morning. Today’s word is commensurate.

Each year new people come to Boston and each year the same old scammers come out of the woodwork.

Jay Greene reports that Amazon is becoming the pace car for inflation. Over in Turkey, the price of meat is going up so fast it’s destabilizing the economy. The government is suggesting that becoming vegan would be the patriotic thing to do. Here, food prices sometimes creep up so slowly that you don’t always notice it happening. All it takes is to leave the country for a few months and then come back and visit the grocery store. Nice take by Diti Kohli.

This toaster, made in 1949, was an engineering marvel. Toaster tech has gone downhill since then.

South Africa was hoping for a busy winter (summer for them) tourism season. It would be the key to their economic recovery. The European travel restrictions threw cold water on those hopes.

And the political story in Sweden is playing out like the first season of Borgen if it didn’t get picked up for a second season.

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