Third person limited

Tuesday, August 8. Paul Dirac was born on this date, as was Roger Penrose.

John Clayton doesn’t think the Patriots will make the playoffs this year. It’s hard to make predictions, especially about the future, but based on nothing but blind faith, I think they’ll go to the Super Bowl.

Marty Walsh has announced that Michelle Wu called him to tell him that she’s running against him for mayor next year. Wu hasn’t confirmed or denied. Strange. There doesn’t seem to be any love lost between them so this announcement is a head scratcher. My bet is that Walsh moves to a position with the Biden administration sometime before the next mayoral election. The council president would then assume the position of acting Mayor, like Menino did when Ray Flynn went to the Vatican. That would be Kim Janey, not Wu. So how does Wu’s call, Walsh’s preemptive announcement, and her non-confirmation figure into all this? I have no idea, but city politics is starting to get interesting again.

In New York, three members of Bill de Blasio’s administration have expressed an interest in his job. The latest is his head of sanitation.

There may be an Apple press release this morning announcing new watches and iPads. Something to hold us over until the iPhone 12 is unveiled later in the fall.

And The Guardian went to look for old science fiction movies that predicted our present. Strangely, they missed the one that hit the bullseye.

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