Think different

Monday, Monday. Birthdays for Elizabeth Warren, Meryl Streep, Todd Rundgren and John Dillinger.

Ty Burr recommends an album. But whatever you do, don’t listen to it. Just let it play in the background. It’s Steve Reich’s minimalistic Music for 18 Musicians. I agree with him about the album but not his characterization of Philip Glass’s music as a “four-hour dial tone.” Glass you can actually listen to.

Apple unveils its software and hardware roadmap this afternoon at its annual developer conference. Rumors indicate they’ll announce a major architecture change for the Mac, moving from Intel chips to ARM, the chips that currently power iPhones and iPads. I also think we’ll see new industrial design for a future iMac. And a successor to the not-fully-baked Catalina operating system, possibly called Big Sur. All this is happening at a time that Apple is facing criticism from the developer community for its App Store policies. Should be an interesting presentation.

Scottish man fined for calling an Irish man a leprechaun.” Really? And the photo?

Interesting suggestions for police reform from an academic who studies police interactions with minority populations: more pay, less stress and less working hours for officers.

And, The Times profiles Josh Kantor, organist for the Red Sox, with a link to his afternoon on-line concerts. Good times never seemed so good.

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