Their hands are tied

Today is Saturday. It’s OK to have ice cream for breakfast today.

How the hell do you swallow an AirPod while wearing them in your ears? Some guy in Worcester managed to do it.

Shirley Leung writes about the low numbers of city contracts awarded to minority businesses in Boston. She compares our record to other big cities across the country, which isn’t quite fair because Boston is required to follow Massachusetts laws on government procurement. Those laws are pretty specific in defining the process of awarding contracts. There’s just not a lot of discretion allowed in choosing contractors under the law.

John Fogerty sent a bunch of guitars to the nurses at Boston Medical Center. Nice.

Woman shot in downtown hotel‘. Not a headline you like to see but great work by the officers from District 1 who quickly arrested a suspect several blocks away and recovered a potential murder weapon.

And today I learned a new word. Disinfomercial. A gift from Mike Lindell.

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