The yanks are coming

Tuesday. Hot enough for ya?

Nice free commercial for Smashburger in the Globe today.

When the coronavirus hit, the people of Ireland locked down and made sacrifices for the national good. They listened to their medical experts. Vacations were forgone. Parades were cancelled. Pubs were closed. Even the Irish president, a medical doctor, kicked in and made sacrifices. As a result, the country is currently in good shape and things are beginning to relax. But seeing what’s happening over here, the Irish are not overly enthusiastic about the arrival of American tourists who may or may not take quarantine precautions seriously. Even ex-pat Americans who have been living in the country are suspect because of their accents, as Tim Kirk reports.

The RealFeel temperature hit 100° on the southern coast of Massachusetts yesterday. (Actual temp was 98.6°.) That’s pretty hot for these parts.

Adam Gaffin alerts us to a local story about a “very good dog” and his naked human dog walkers, who tussled with the police when questioned about their bare state. At least the officers didn’t have to worry about a concealed weapon.

And if you can’t avoid the virus, at least you can trim down to make yourself less susceptible to its effects. Wisdom from Boris Johnson, who spent some time in the Covid-19 ICU earlier in the year.

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