The wild ones

Hey, Thursday, right? A good day for a refreshing beverage.

How will we know when the pandemic is over? When you can dive into a pit of plastic balls. Obviously.

Dirtbikes and ATV‘s come out with the warm weather each year and many people find them menacing. In a recent City Council hearing, State Rep Russell Holmes said he found himself surrounded and intimidated by a mob of riders last fall. The council heard public comments and entertained some creative ideas like designating a special part of Franklin Park for the riders or bringing them in to ask them why they do what they do. But, asked Holmes, “Shouldn’t we be dealing with the real question, which is they shouldn’t even be in the park or be in the road?”

So far, foldable phones are just a gimmick. Apple has some ideas about changing that.

New Jersey and Connecticut top the list of best states for pizza, according to Food and Wine Magazine. Massachusetts comes in at number eight, behind even California. (I’ve had the pizza in California. Not good.) Anyway, they call out Santarpio’s and Galleria Umberto, and note other, different styles of pizza here in the Bay State, including Greek, South Shore bar pizza and something called beach pizza, which I hadn’t heard about before.

And don’t judge me because my name is round. (Only a spiky person would do something like that.)

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