The ties that bind us

Today is Sunday, Boxing Day.

How loud is the Boston area? Pretty loud.

Well, it’s that time again, Dave Barry‘s Year in Review. 2021, he reports, is a variant of the previous year. Also…
Many Americans have been vaccinated but continue to act as though they have not.
– Many other Americans have not been vaccinated but act as though they have.
– Many of those who got vaccinated hate Donald Trump, who considers the vaccines to be one of his greatest achievements.
– Many who refuse to get vaccinated love Donald Trump.
What do these facts tell us? They tell us that we, as a nation, are insane. But we knew that.

How about those Red Sox? Researchers have advice for having a good conversation: Go deep.

And Liz Walker is retiring once again. Always a class act and inspirational presence in the community.

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