The beginning of Start

Today is Tuesday. It’s also the day Anne Boleyn lost her head.

Welcome to the world of post-civility politics. It’s too bad. I’m old enough to remember a time when adults acted like adults and public figures at least attempted to appear gracious.

The Globe gives us the key takeaways from Baker’s incrementalist reopening plan announced yesterday. Reaction-wise, most business owners are cautiously optimistic but there are also some complaints, especially from gym owners.

Ken Osmond, the actor who played Eddie Haskell, has died.

Apparently it’s not a good time to buy a bicycle. Most places are completely sold out. But if you’re already out there on your bike, it’s a lot easier to get around, especially in the city.

A PERF analysis found that during the lockdown crime went down in many places, but not all. In Boston there were fewer arrests but in reading Universal Hub, there seems to be a lot more violent activity in the last few days. Maybe it’s just spring.

And Matthew Gilbert takes us down to blooper town.

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