The sky is falling

Monday morning. A spring-like day. Happy birthday to Steve Jobs, George Thorogood and Abe Vigoda.

Need a chuckle? Here are 50 comics to cheer you up.

There seems to have been a lull in coronavirus news. There’s a sense that too much coverage could either panic the public or numb them into indifference. But some experts are worried that the horse is out of the barn and it’s time to get the public prepared for what might be coming so we can get serious about developing prevention habits. Remember the ebola handshake?

UPDATE: if there was a lull it’s over now.

The ICE director for the Boston region tells Commonwealth Magazine that, despite reports to the contrary, there will be no tactical operations teams assigned here.

Grimes new album received a mostly positive review from Spencer Kornhaber at The Atlantic. My take is also mostly positive.

And the official Westworld trailer dropped. Then fans unearthed a few unofficial ones. As you might guess, if you know the show, the tone of the clips is futuristic and foreboding. Except for this one, which, strangely, has more of a happy/romantic vibe.

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