The sky is falling

Sunday, February 21st. David Foster Wallace would have been 59 today.

Red wine at room temperature? Not so fast.

The Boing 777 that lost an engine after takeoff yesterday, dropping debris near Denver, was an old airplane. One expert said something like this is extremely rare. But also yesterday, in the Netherlands, an even older 747 experienced the same problem, dropping part of its engine in Meerssen causing damage and some injuries on the ground. Expect a debate on the safety of older airplanes although most aviation experts believe that the quality of regular maintenance, not age, will determine how safe an aircraft is. Both of the aircraft landed safely yesterday. Old planes don’t get to be old planes if they’re not safe planes.

VHS tapes are still a thing. An expensive thing.

Researchers have found new, widely distributed malware on Macs. The code, called Silver Sparrow, has even been updated with a version for the new Apple silicon. What it’s for is a mystery, which is a mystery.

And this smart-watch didn’t measure your heart rate or encourage you to exercise but it was legendary – and way ahead of its time (see what I did there?).

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