The show must go on

Thursday. The word of the day is Catch-22.

Huh? A mask mandate in reverse? Forget it Jake, it’s Florida.

We still expect new movies and TV shows despite the pandemic – or maybe especially because of it, since we’ll be stuck inside come the fall. Some shows filming now will look different. No crowd scenes, for example. Others will rely on overseas locations since the US is still off limits for large productions. It will be interesting to see if these changes stick.

At BU, it’s a slant-rhyme slogan for a half-assed year.

PDFs do have a place for sharing completed documents. But when used for sharing content they fall flat, especially in the mobile world. Kevin Truong writes that that happens way too often.

And in the Alps, they have a problem: Killer cows. It certainly is a strange year.

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