The rise and fall

Sunday. A day of rest. Today’s word is inveigh. So I will.

How about Taylor Swift for president -rather than Kayne.

Nothing lasts forever. Anthropologist Wade Davis looks at the sunsetting of US prestige in the world. Not because of the virus but because our reaction to it revealed a national psychosis. By way of example, check out All Gas No Brakes, which is about as good a portrait of America these days as anything else I’ve seen. Entertaining and depressing.

Winter is coming. But first we have to get through the fall.

Bill Galvin is finally being called out on his taxpayer-funded self-promotion scam.

And if you’re into bourbon, this brand got a rating of 99 out of 100. “[J]udges applauded its “intense nose of bitter chocolate,” riding a buttery smooth mouthfeel, with touches of peach and pepper in the mid-palate.” All I know is that it sounds way above my pay grade.

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